Board Members


Dani Balzer

Dani is a consultant working closely with 1bank4all and is also a member of different supervisory boards. He studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and has worked as CFO and CEO on an international level for several years.

Patricia Ebakisse

Patricia is a board member with a passion for the project. She received a Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation as well as an MBA in Global Management (from CH & US Universities).  She has gained experience, working with well known MNC's.

Christian Heyner

Christian is the President of 1bank4all. He received his MBA, with a specialization in banking. Christian has also worked in most of the well-known European banks in Germany and Switzerland. He is also a co-founder of the Alternative Bank Schweiz (BAS).  

How can I join the Board:

  • By becoming a member of the 1bank4all founding association.
  • If you are from an interested organisation, your company can become a partner of the association and the bank.
  • Apply to become a member of one of our expert groups:  Banking Group, Marketing Group, Technology Group.

We will be happy to send you Brochures, Application form or Constitution of the founding association in electronic form or on paper by post. 

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Carmen Scheuber

Carmen is part of the marketing team and is involved in event planning.
Daniel Gwandiwa

Daniel Gwandiwa 

Daniel is a founding member of 1bank4all Zimbabwe and is part of the marketing team in Switzerland. 
Grace M

Grace Igandu Mwaniki

Grace is in charge of the 1bank4all communications and is part of the marketing team.

Wordran Wilson

Wordran is in charge of founding 1bank4all UK and is actively involved in the marketing team.

Patricia Ebakisse

Patricia is involved in marketing 1bank4all and is also actively involved in the board.© 2017 / All Rights Reserved