About 1bank4all


  1. Where will 1bank4all be based?

           The headquarters of 1bank4all will be in Switzerland. 1bank4all will also have a local office in every country where we will be operating.

As a Fintech company, the 1bank4all services will be available via the Internet and mobile phones. This way, anyone with internet access, anywhere in the world will be connected with 1bank4all and can carry out various transactions from their location.

  1. What is the 1bank4all Founding Association?

The 1bank4all Founding Association is the organisation coordinating all activities involved in setting up the 1bank4all group.

  1. What makes 1bank4all different from other banks or startups?

1bank4all is unique in several ways. As a global social bank, 1bank4all is a social business. We will invest most of our profit in social projects.This will be in line with our mission, which is to improve lives.

Based on our Fintech approach, we are using sophisticated software and our bank will operate on a reliable platform.

  1. Which services will 1bank4all offer?

1bank4all will be able to carry out highly efficient services such as real-time international money transfers, online payments, fair foreign exchange rates, providing credit to members among many other services.

  1. At what stage is 1bank4all?

1bank4all is a Fintech startup. We are working on starting 1bank4all in Europe and at the same time, we are preparing local associations in our African focus countries.

  1. Who is your target market?

          We are targetting people and organisations who are interested in having a transparent, ethical, social and environmentally friendly bank that can provide reliable and affordable banking services.

      7. How will 1bank4all make profit?

           1bank4all will charge transaction fees. The transaction fees will be low but thanks to the high volume of transactions, the bank will still make profit.

      8.0  How can I get involved with 1bank4all?

            You can become a member of the Founding Association. To join the Swiss Founding Association, download the application form here, fill it out and send it back to us.

      8.1  What are the membership fees?

           -For low income earners, membership fees are €10/ 10 CHF a month

           -For average income earners, membership fees are €20 or 20 CHF a month

           -For high income earners, membership fees are €40 or 40 CHF a month

     8.2  Become a partner company and a member too. We promote your organisation on our website, brochures and events.


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